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THR Systems a. s.
Jilemnického 3, Zvolen
tel.: +421 650 52 00 00

Branch Bratislava
THR Systems a. s.

Čapkova 2, Bratislava 1
tel.: +421 650 52 00 15

Branch Nové Zámky
THR Systems a. s.

Turecká 36, Nové Zámky
tel.: +421 650 52 00 33

Offering - PC Networks


Projecting the data networks is the first assumption to have a reliable and efficient maintainings of data transfers. Within longterm experiences and every day information about new technologies our project planners are ready to realise even the most difficult project in area of:
  • metal networks,
  • optical networks,
  • radio networks.

Passive Components

By the choice of components and its realisation and installation we are laying mainly for verified matter that the network is strong enough the same as its weakest part. That is why are careful even with the smallest components. Technical equipment is based on tested branded components. Installation is made by experienced technicians, which are evaluating and documenting whole work when done.

Active Components

Our aim is to provide as efective solutions as possible. We doing our best to supply products from prestigious producers of active components which are providing failure-free products, long life and life-time guarantee CISCO Systems, 3COM. Choice of quality active components is providing effective maintain of the network.