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THR Systems a. s.
Jilemnického 3, Zvolen
tel.: +421 650 52 00 00

Branch Bratislava
THR Systems a. s.

Čapkova 2, Bratislava 1
tel.: +421 650 52 00 15

Branch Nové Zámky
THR Systems a. s.

Turecká 36, Nové Zámky
tel.: +421 650 52 00 33

Services - Outsourcing

Technical and system support

When you outsource you do not need to spend your means for the operation of information technology departments. Nevertheless, you can utilize them with our support without restrain. Also you do not have to invest in education of specialists and in the improvement of their level, but they are fully at your disposal according to your needs. If technical or personal resource requirements grow or fall, you do not have to search for adittional sources or try to solve the problem of surplus labour. Lay a burden of responsibility and economic risk on our shoulders in case we are your outsourcing services provider.

The area of information technologies is the most dynamically developing sphere out of all branches. Our company offers its clients experience and knowledge which is constantly updated thanks to our active approach to the information in the sphere of information

Monitoring and remote administration

Monitoring is an essential tool which provides high-quality services in the field of information technologies. We can avoid possible problems by our permanent monitoring of your technologies and we are able to eliminate existing risky situations without being noticed by you. Remote administration contributes to it all and if you ask for a rapid change in system configuration our reactions are immediate.

Our 24/7 service offers::
  • Analysis and consultancy
  • Remote service event - immediatelly
  • Personal service event - within 3 hours (throughout Slovakia) from the moment of notification at the help desk
  • Regular check-ups of the system
  • Service case prevention
  • Software and hardware updating
  • Remote administration and supervising client´s system resources