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THR Systems a. s.
Jilemnického 3, Zvolen
tel.: +421 650 52 00 00

Branch Bratislava
THR Systems a. s.

Čapkova 2, Bratislava 1
tel.: +421 650 52 00 15

Branch Nové Zámky
THR Systems a. s.

Turecká 36, Nové Zámky
tel.: +421 650 52 00 33

Services - Leasing

Financial leasing

Our company in cooperation with leasing companies offers to our clients financial leasing of information technologies. In case it is not possible for you to invest the whole amount in IT at once, you can spread your investments out over a longer period. However, you can use our services immediately.

Operational leasing

If you put the accent on 24-hour functionality of technology, you do not want to deal with a problem solution and you often change the type of technology, operational leasing will be a more interesting product for you. In this situation you only hire the information technology from our company. In case of failure we can provide you with a new technology, therefore you do not lose the time by a complaint and/or service. Unless you need the technology you can return it back to our company.