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Solutions - Web

WWW pages

Nowadays, World Wide Web or simply Web page is an indispensible part of company presentation. Actually, it is not difficult to have your own webpage . Just let us make your web page for you.

We will help you with your graphic design, realization itself, reservation of your Internet address and placement on the Internet. Don´t worry.

When you want to provide your web page you need an operator. However, in most cases, you are limited by services and/or the environment offered by the operator. Therefore, it is a better option to establish your web page on your own server. We will adapt the environment to your needs. In this situation, it is ideal to start a web server by means of Linux on your own server. Consequently you can use your own Linux server for a number of other services e.g.: you can increase the safety of your in-house net, back up data or e-mail boxes with individual addresses. If you share or swap information or data only within your company, you certainly use your intranet server. The Linux server where you can save not only your data but also websites, is an appropriate option in this situation as well.

Linux based server

Almost all Linux distributions contain Apache www server. It is the most frequently used web server all over the world. Apart from being extremely efficient it allows the applications of many modern technologies like dynamic web, connecting to other applications, etc. The use of php script languages (with excellent access to database) like perl, python and other languages offer the possibility to develop or use strong web applications. In addition to these advantages the web server accomplishes also other partial tasks. The webpage can contain the statistics of Internet use, administration of server, webmail and other possibilities which can be used in coaction with another application software. Another alternative is the configuration of proxy www clients by means of a script placed on the intranet web.

Web hosting

Even the smallest firms can utilize advantages of a company server. However, if you do not wish to use the advantages of your own server you can use our servers to place your webpage.