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Offering - Software

Operating Systems

Thanks to our longterm experienced specialists, configuration and customer help and support of the operating systems we provide delivery and continuos support with aplication software included. First of all systems working with operating systems: Linux, Sun Solaris and Unix. There is also delivery, installation and support of operating systems of the companies such as Microsoft and Novell.


Proportion of the application software supplied by our company can be divided to three main categories:

Economical applications


Economic Informational System EMPIRE is a complex company informational system used for medium up to large companies. Within its technical site is based on three layer architecture (client, server, database). It is written in pure Java. Standard technologies used in the system guarantee a high compatibility with other products. Also allows to use standard technologies and system with no matter of user environment. More information at


System EcoSun is fully modular economical software dedicated to small and medium companies. For comercial and trade company is offering the optimal module package. Besides standard operations with indents, invoices and storage has also othe specialised function. More information at

Office packages

OpenOffice is full-value office package, which possible to operate within all main operating systems and platforms. Important is, that this operating is free of charge and it is supporting most of the office packages. is a project of the international community of volunteers and sponsors (including main sposor Sun Microsystems): is developing, maintaining and promoting open-source office package – OpenOffice. More about this project can be found at is supporting Open Document Format for Office application (Open Document) OASIS Standard, which is has a mutation in more than 60 languages. is supplied with GNU Lesser General Public Licence (LGPL). More information at


Latest version is focused on improvement of compatibility with files of Microsoft Office. Filters are improved and gained support for more type of objects and formating with import and export from formats files of Microsoft Office included Microsoft Office 2000. Even more functions are available such as: new viewer of presentation created by StarOffice™ 5.2 and its allows to view and play the presentations without instalation of StarOffice ™ 5.2. Compression in program StarOffice Impress providing compression of the presentation and its recording to couple of disks, files can be easily taken. More information at

Microsoft Office

Are you still using the previous version package of Microsoft Office? Find out more what you gain by inovating the new version Office 2003. Compare the fuctions and advantages of the package Office 2003 with your version. More information at


Graphical equipment, viewers, system equipments, etc.

Antivir Systems

To uncover the viruses exists already many products. Many of them are suitable for your environment, but we can advice you which is the right one for you also according to make your costs low.


Company Grisoft is using for distribution Antivirus system AVG extensive range of business partners. Desired licence can be purchased through us or within local supplier, AVG seller which we can help you to find. More information at


Advantages of antivirus system NOD32 are used by thousands of companies and organisation in private or state sector, educational institutions or private users. Clients of company Eset are prestigious companies from abroad such as Canon and Dell. NOD32 is an exclusive antivirus system in Project Infovek (INFOage) focused on IT development at schools. Company Eset is also supporting school and medical sector by supporting their products with special conditions. More information at


Antiviruses and security products from russian company Kaspersky Labs are covering wide spectrum of platforms such as unix mail servers. Programs Kaspersky Antivirus are suitable for small and medium organisations. More information at

Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition

From the portfolio of the Symantec company we have in offer one of the best antivirus solutions which exists at the moment - Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition. It is a product which protects gates, servers, clients, includes safe firewall, protection against viruses, detection of infiltration, reports of weak places and virtual private network (VPN).